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Building Dispute Lawyers: Win Your Building Dispute


The construction sector in New South Wales is governed by robust laws and regulations ensuring that disputes are handled with fairness and integrity.

MC Lawyers & Advisers offers comprehensive legal support to navigate these complex issues, ensuring your interests are protected in both residential and commercial building disputes.


Home Building Dispute Resolution in NSW

Home building disputes are a challenging affair that can arise from various issues such as contractual disagreements, construction delays, defects, or non-compliance with statutory warranties. Under the Home Building Act 1989 (NSW), homeowners and builders are encouraged to resolve disputes through negotiation and, if necessary, through mediation. If these steps fail, the matter can be taken to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).

At MC Lawyers & Advisers, we understand the emotional and financial stress associated with home building disputes. Our legal experts are well-versed in the Act’s provisions and offer strategic advice to navigate the intricacies of dispute resolution. We support clients in preparing and reviewing building claims, representing them in mediations, and advocating on their behalf at NCAT hearings. Our aim is to facilitate a resolution that minimises cost and time for our clients, facilitating the orderly completion and occupancy of their prtoperties.


Building Defect Disputes

The discovery of building defects can disrupt the anticipated value and safety of a property. In NSW, the Home Building Act 1989 provides a statutory warranty period, obligating builders to rectify defects within specific timeframes. Defects are classified as either ‘major’ or ‘minor,’ and the remediation obligations differ accordingly.

MC Lawyers & Advisers has extensive experience in representing owners corporations, homeowners, and builders in defect disputes. Our approach starts with a thorough assessment of the defects, engaging expert building consultants when necessary. We then guide our clients through the statutory warranty claims process, including the gathering of evidence and the preparation of a comprehensive claim. If litigation is required, our team is well-equipped to represent our clients’ interests vigorously.


Property Defects and Liability

Property defects, whether apparent immediately or over time, can significantly impact the value and usability of a property. Liability for these defects can extend to builders, developers, and even subcontractors. In NSW, the statutory warranty regime under the Home Building Act 1989 serves as a cornerstone for addressing these concerns.

Our lawyers at MC Lawyers & Advisers offer expert legal advice on defect identification, warranty periods, and the avenues for redress. We assist our clients in understanding their rights and the obligations of builders and developers concerning property defects. Whether it’s pursuing rectification works or seeking compensation for defects, our legal team ensures our clients are fully informed and adeptly represented throughout the process.


Commercial Property Dispute

Commercial property disputes require a nuanced understanding of both the construction process and the commercial realities of property development. These disputes can be multifaceted, involving contract issues, leasing disputes, development disagreements, or statutory compliance.

At MC Lawyers & Advisers, we are adept at handling complex commercial property disputes, ensuring our clients’ commercial objectives are met. Our team provides strategic advice to prevent disputes where possible and assertive representation in negotiations, mediations, and court proceedings when necessary. We understand the importance of maintaining business relationships and strive to achieve resolutions that recognize the commercial interests at stake.


Construction Laws & Regulations

Construction laws and regulations in NSW encompass a wide range of statutes, regulations, and codes of practice. The Building Code of Australia, Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, and the Home Building Act 1989 form the backbone of the legal framework within which the construction industry operates.

The legal team at MC Lawyers & Advisers stays at the forefront of these regulations, including updates and reforms, to provide clients with current and comprehensive advice. Understanding the complexities of construction law is crucial for compliance and for the successful resolution of disputes. Our expertise covers all facets of construction law, from contract formation to dispute resolution, ensuring our clients receive knowledgeable guidance every step of the way. Whether you are a homeowner, developer, builder, or contractor, we can support you in ensuring that your construction projects comply with all relevant laws and regulations, and assist in the swift resolution of any disputes that arise.

For detailed and professional legal assistance in building and construction disputes, reach out to MC Lawyers & Advisers. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your construction and building endeavors are built on a strong legal foundation.


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