Mayfair Class Action – Group Member Update No. 1 – 04 Sep 2020

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  • Mayfair Class Action – Group Member Update No. 1 – 04 Sep 2020

Mayfair Class Action

Privileged & Confidential

Dear Mayfair 101 Investor

Thank you for registering your particulars with MC Lawyers & Advisers.

We are presently investigating various Mayfair 101 related entities with a view to determining the prospects of a future legal claim for investment loss and damage relating to Mayfair 101’s “M Core” and “M+” Fixed Income Funds.

Your registration with us is on a no-cost and

Present Circumstances

On 14 August 2020, the Federal Court of Australia made orders appointing Grant Thornton as provisional liquidators to M101 Nominees Pty Ltd, the issuer of “M Core” Notes.

If you are a M Core Noteholder you will likely receive correspondence from Grant Thornton in relation to your investment and position as a creditor. The provisional liquidation process, and particularl

Documentation Request

We have been approached by a significant number of investors, and have agreed to undertake an investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding each fixed income investment scheme and to secure funding for and any potential litigation determined to be worthwhile.

We are gathering information as part of our due diligence into these proceedings and for that we requ

About Us

MC Lawyers & Advisers is a commercial litigation law firm with expertise in financial product related class actions.

For more information about our class action experience, and about us more generally, please visit our website at

We will contact you regularly via email to inform you of developments relating to our investigations and the Mayfai


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