Mayfair 101 – Fixed Income Investments

Mayfair 101 – Fixed Income Investments

MC Lawyers is conducting investigations of the Mayfair 101 group of entities.

In an ominous development, receivers have been appointed over several Mayfair entities by secured creditors.

We understand redemptions have been frozen from promissory note investments in the following Mayfair schemes: 

  • M+ Fixed Income Fund; and
  • M Core Fixed Income Fund.

We encourage investors to register their particulars with us on a no obligation basis.

We anticipate providing registrants with updates of our investigation in due course.

There is no cost or obligation to you in registering.


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What is a class action?

A class action is a form of legal proceedings whereby a minimum of seven claimants with common issues of fact or law, band together in one claim and appoint a representative to conduct the proceedings on behalf of themselves and a group, or “class”, of defined persons.