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It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation but a day to destroy it.

The law of defamation is concerned with the protection of reputation of people within society from disparagement that is likely to cause the ordinary, reasonable member of the community to think less of the plaintiff or to shun and avoid them.

With the increasing prevalence of social media and the use of technology to rapidly transmit information, the ability to defame or be defamed has never been more insidious.

A requirement for a defamation suit is the communication of a defamatory meaning to a person other than the plaintiff. The meaning may be communicated by means such as spoken words, signs or gestures, in writing or with images, in person or by broadcast.

There are various defenses available to an action in defamation. They are the defense of justification, absolute privilege, honest opinion, qualified privilege, an offer of amends, illegality, and triviality.

Whether you need to have a false statement retracted or receive an apology from someone who made an incorrect adverse statement about you, we are here to help.


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